Pastors Joseph & Evangeline Sakuda

My first duty is to lead the people of God into a deep intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and our Father. Everything we do at Faith Builders Tabernacle (FBT) is to the glory of Adonai. You are loved are welcome as Adonai brings you back to His original intent.

We are here to:

1) Worship God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit and serve Him only.

2) We are here to listen to God.

3) We are created in His image and likeness and He will deliver us; therefore let us get ready to enter into Adonai’s presence through prayer, worship and Word.  Psalm 95:1-11.

Let us lift our hands to receive from our creator Elohim.  Prayer of repentance:  We invite You O Lord to work powerfully in us, Lord let Your Spirit work within us, hear our hearts cry, help us, follow your ways, free us to serve you.  Heal us.

Servant Pastors,
Joseph & Evangeline Sakuda